Lichtpause has been born by Kata Dumur & Marco Seibt out of a need for more audiovisual experience. It combines electronic soundscapes and beats accompanied by interactive visualizations (Kinect camera) and classic film materials.

Marco Seibt created for Lichtpause an electronic, dark and thrilling interpretation of Albert Arthur Allen´s Film “Forbidden Daughters” from 1927 (original length).

Live concept

For live shows Lichtpause created a concept that combines 3D mapping, creative coding, and live interaction in order to give the audience not only musical but overall new media experience. Generally, Lichtpause you can see as a wide artistic project.

Live record “Hey Doris” using MC-707 and Resolume

Premiere show:
15.03.2019 PARTICULAR 01– at 21:00 (CET) – Container Collective | Spanplatte, Munich

Kinect experiments

Kinect experiments from Lichtpause on Vimeo.

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